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About Rock X

Rock X is a live cover band performing all over the Northern VA, D.C., and Maryland areas! We have been playing together for over 7 years. We feature a song list with over 150 songs from every genre, era, and style. Whether it be a wedding, birthday party, business event, or a lively bar, Rock X is sure to be the perfect fit and play a variety of music to please audience members of all ages. We also offer a variety of extra services and add-ons. 

Another unique aspect that Rock X offers is the ability to be “interactive” with our audience. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sing with a live band behind you? Well with Rock X, you can! We have a screen with lyrics on stage just for you! Simply look over the song list, text the number at the top with your name and song choice, and YOU can come up and take the mic for a song. It is so much better than karaoke – it is the full rock star experience!

Rock X has played at many prestigious events and venues around Washington DC. We take pride in being both fun and professional musicians.

Featuring vocals, guitar, bass and drums, Rock X can provide a full, well-rounded sound for your event.

Learn more about the members of Rock X below!

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